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Junior Dixieland

Let me introduce   The Junior Dixieland of  Music School in Marianske Lazne which is directed by Bedrich Smrcka.
This ensemble is known not only in our region.It took part in several jazz festivals in our country (e.g.Cheb,Loket nad Ohri)and abroad as well-e.g.The Festival of European Union in Germany(Leipzig),the competition of talents in Berlin,music festival
The International Music Festival in Purmerend in Holland,Germany (Tangerhute,Wangen) and in International Jazz festival in France(Monségur).
In 2004 the Junior Dixieland recorded its first CD,got the highest position in the all republic competition. In 2006 Junior Dixieland was on three weeks tour in Australia. This tour was concluded by six concerts on a Jazz Festival in Wagga Wagga.In  2007  performed one week in Hamburg. In August 2008 visited USA, Chicago, and realized six concerts there.

The ensemble consists of ten members who are from 10 to 18 years old.Some of them alternate during longer performances.
The musical instruments played are: clarinet or saxophone, two tumpets, trombone, banjo,
suzaphone,violinophone, drums, vocal.

Currently the ensemble presents three different programmes:

1)Profile of the jazz evolution from 1900:regtime,boogie-woogie,traditional,arrangements of compositions of the big bands(Glen Miller),jazz rock

2)The Czech jazz music-e.g. works by J.Jezek,V.Trojan,I.Mladek etc.,arrangements of Czech folk songs

3)Classical repertoir of dixieland

This ensemble with its law average age is probably the youngest one in the Czech Republic.

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Her eis referenceto the programme of Czech-American TV about our Junior Dixieland.  http://www.catvusa.com/index.php?file=/archive_2008/Czech_documents/Junior_Dixieland_band.wmv